Friday, June 9, 2017


That is the bike route

Shifting bike and gear

Camp ground

Trolls ahead

Yea watch for bikes in tunnel

Not camp ground

Tent view

Rain on and off through the day gear is packed damp.  Ride along the telemark canal.  This is takes me up over hills as much of the route in not near the water.  Some of the locks are amazing as they lift boats strait up hundreds of feet.  The technology is simple and all manually operated to lift large boats.  I spot a free hot shower.  It is glorious to feel the warm water and no mosquitoes biting while washing.  Wash my cloth also.  As the rain picks up I hope my bike shorts dry before moss starts growing.  My camp overlooks Lake Flavatn and can see only three water falls from my tent.  I work to get some of the water from inside the tent.
Love and Kisses


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