Tuesday, June 6, 2017


There is rain in the early morning.  Road continue up to a lake.  The route goes south around the lake.  A short ways along the trail decide to go around the north side hoping it is easier as the trail is not ride able with rocks, roots, steep slopes and mud holes.  North side road ends in a trail.  So did not gain anything and pushing the bike along the trail.  It takes hours to go four miles pushing or carrying the bike and gear.  Mosquitoes push me on as they move in if I stop.  Then there was a marsh with the wood trail to narrow for me to ride it without a good chance of putting the bike in the marsh.  There was a marker of a World War II event that I should lookup. https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=70ebed95-fefe-4c9f-a7a4-56ef24a91167
  Then a rope was there to climb down a steep slope so more carrying of bike and gear.  Finally after five hours I get to a dirt road and I am thirst, tired and hungry.  I look over and there is a hand pump.  I fill my water bottles and take a short rest.  I consider camping but am low on food.  Just five miles more and I am at a store.  I am tired and start looking for a camp spot.  Twelve miles more and I find a nice place to camp.  Mosquitoes have me in a head net again.  Tent is up before the rain starts coming down hard.  I fall asleep to the patter of rain on the tent.
Love & kisses


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