Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Easy morning ride to the ferry.  Across the fjord is a nice stave church.  A quick steep climb brings me up to the church at the top of the village.  Great carving on the church from 900 years ago.  It is a relatively easy ride to the end of Norway's longest fjord.  Only three unlighted tunnel.  Road into the first one with out a light as I was zipping down

Dive right into the fjord

Going camo

Night out on town

Parked on a mountain and the view is from the satellite dish

hill.  With pitch darkness ahead I came to a quick stop.  As my eyes got use to the darkness I could barley make out where the road was.  So I road on hoping for no holes or trolls.  For other tunnels decided that a kilometer and half would be better done with light.  From the head of the fjord it is a pleasant ride for few  miles.  The the switchback climb begins.  The climb is unrelenting.  I hoped to camp below tree line but the area is littered with second homes.  I climb on and on.  It is late and getting cooler when the temperature drops below 42F/5C I put the light fleece shirt over the tee shirt.  At 11pm I stop finally to camp and stop climbing.  After some dinner I can go to sleep as the temp hits freezing and a light rain picks up.
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