Friday, June 16, 2017


A room with a view
A short ride and see a gas station and decide to top off the tires.  Second tire BOOM and my ears are ringing.  Gage was showing zero and a quick check of the tire found it unharmed.  Tube on the other hand needs fifty patch kits and miracle.  Twenty minutes later I have a new tube fixing the tire.  Wish my ears would stop ringing.  So it is an easy ride along the fjord looking at waterfalls.  I missed the ferry by 15 minutes, so I wait 45 for the ferry to return.  More fjord riding but now the road is narrower and steeper.  Sign direct me to the left and gps tells me to go right around a lake.  Signs were correct as I ride a paved old rail bed.  Thinking that this valley was going to be an easy ride is when I come to a switch back.  Nice waterfall to look at as I climb out of the valley.  At the top there is a room with a view of running water.  Then back on the old rail trail.  There must be an interesting old rail tunnel up the mountain.  A short way down I find a campsite.  I go back to the room with a view to avoid the midges in camp to clean up.  
Love and kisses


Cars get dirt and bikes get pavement.  Nice

Yes there is a seat for the view

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