Sunday, October 21, 2007

Apamea and Dead Cities

Nothing interesting to report other than my camera is taking a lot of encouragement to run. So I am just sending photos while I can. Apamea a Greek and Roman city and Dead Cities Al-Bara and Serjilla which which are part of 300 city that were abandoned. Earthquake encourage a number of the cities to be emptied Al-Bara was the starting point of an attack on Ma'arat an-Nu'amam where they ended up dining on the inhabitants. Off to the Assassin Castle (Old Man of the Mountain) and Krak Des Chevaliers "the finest castle in the world" TE Lawrence. Oh the taxi drive when heading back insisted on the front passenger wearing a seat belt. He directed us in the back not to even attempt to find ours. Then he showed off that the front belts did not work other than show for the police on the main highway.


Dead Cities

Love and Kisses


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