Monday, October 15, 2007

Off to Palmyra

As I was walking to the bus station a taxi driver offered a ride to the station. This of course required me to wait till a bus went by to point to so he understood i wanted to go to the Harasta bus terminal. He wanted 250SL for his troubles, but accepted 50SL (= $1) which was the meter. I was recommended to use the local name Tadmor for Palmyra. Tadmor was taken as Tartus and was sold a ticket for the location. Discussing the location with the driver I found that the destination was the coast. Grab my bag from the bus and the proceeded to by a ticket to Palmyra. I did not try to get back the two dollar for the other ticket. So the 4 hour bus ride cost me four dollars. In Palmyra I headed to the recommended cheap hotel. They wanted $20 a night, after a discussion we came to the book price of $5 a night as a special deal. Dinner I did not ask the price when ordering so it cost more than the hotel room. I did find the local dining area later so I will be dining outside the tourist quarter tomorrow. Also need to see if I can get the price below the book price as I am not very good at haggling. Found that may blog is blocked in Syria today it worked fine yesterday. So I can't view this site from here. Let me know if you have problems.

Love & Kisses

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No problems reading today's adventure. Keep them coming!