Sunday, October 28, 2007


Oct 26 2007
Took a easy day and wonder the soak and its narrow alley ways.  There is no pattern to the layout of these passages.  It could be described as similar to Diagon Alley from Harry Potter with little shops selling there unique items.  The passages way turn and that.  The sook has been built over 2000 years with old arches crossing passages.  Some ceiling are made of stone from centuries ago and then there are the dark passages leading off to the side.  Throngs of people are working there way through the market.  Coming back to a side passage you could swore it had moved from where you saw it last. 
In Tripoli the largest restaurant seem to be only selling pastries and dessert.  I will need to stop in to one to check, but I think they have the right idea.  There was also always a line at one food stand serving french fries, coleslaw and a bit of ketchup rolled up in flat bread ( I am not read to try this even if it is vegi). 
I am off tomorrow to the Cedars Leban oldest ski area and if the weather holds I will climb Qornet as-Swada 3090m Leban tallest peak.  The area is a stronghold of Maronite Christian Phalange party, one Leban many diverse groups.  Security is much tighter here with lots of checkpoints and big gun.  You know one that need to have a vehicle to move them.  So traffic seems a little less chaotic as they supervised much more.
Then I am off to Bekaa valley to see the ancient ruins of the Greek, Romans and before. May be away from the internet for a while as I am in the mountains.  Also a quiz on current events.  What is the Bekaa Valley currently know for?
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