Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Oct 18 2007

Syrians fully utilize this feature of the vehicle. The horn is regularly used, where staying within the lines on the roads is not. Let’s just say, they drive outside the box we are use to. The horn is commonly used to see if you want a taxi ride as they pass, if there is an object in the way that should move, such as a person, and then there is the slow vehicle ahead which includes flashing the lights also till they pull over and out of the way. I need to try the last as I go down lefthand canyon as my neighbor would appreciate the encouragement to move out of the way. When crossing three lanes of moving traffic there is no need to wait you just walk across and the cars should find there way around you as they are not stopping and will let you know if you are in the way. And you are definitely not putting your life in your own hand as you cross the road. It is definitely in someone else has their hand at the wheel and cell phone. Hope I did not piss off a god. Love and kisses, Steve

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