Saturday, October 20, 2007

Moving on from Aleppo

Oct 21 2007
Today I took it easy are sleeping on the roof of the hotel Special rate). Toured the Aleppo souk since if was now open for business. On the way back saw a blind man with a cane walking with traffic in three lanes of active taxis. Could not help as I could not talk to him and it would be dangerous trying to get near him with the traffic. Then on to Hama with its fame water wheels called norias and river gardens. The wheels are quiet large 20m and they still turn delivering water to the aqueduct. For the those Durango folks I might even support the ALP project if they could use these kind of water wheels. Off to see more dead cities and Ampeara tomorrow in a organized group ( am I being civilized??? ). Hama had the chance to rebuild itself are a 1982 revolt where much of the old town was raised in the ensuing bombardment. The town does look quiet nice now.
In Hama I did come across this whiteboard on the side of a building that listed their current issues. Nice to see someone whiteboarding the problems as they see it.
Love and Kisses

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