Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Palmyra at night

Oct 18 2007 
After dark the town comes alive. There is the quiet tourist zone where mini buses will shuttle their visitors to and from hotels outside the tourist zone. They do this even if the hotel is two blocks from the tourist center and down lighted streets. A few block from the tourist zone children are playing in the streets. Posses of girls walking about in traditional black, white scarves or the modern MTV fashion. Old men with their crew hang out sit in front of their stores or the local kabob shops. Motorcycles cruise the street and some even have their lights on. There is also a good number of taxis moving people about all on the same streets the quick children are playing (not like Ireland where they post everywhere they have "slow children"). As I walk about men say hello and ask me to sit with them. Then I give the following answers to there questions: America, no children or wife, Palmyra tomorrow, three weeks, ... then the discussion can get more interesting as Bush compared to Adolf H. or the fears Americans have about Syria. I then wonder on on and get invited to join another crew. It is 11:30 as I go to bed and the parades of cars are still going up and down the streets tutting their horns. If you are in this situation you may wonder where your ear plugs are. I am not as I have them along in addition to TP. Yes TP is not regularly provided, but a hose is provided with water. And TP should be put in the baskets as the old narrow pipe system cannot handle it. Love and Kisses Steve

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