Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A quick change in countries

Marqab Castle

Sala ad-Din Castle
Built their own canyon

Just finished touring the crusader castles and traveling up the coast. Currently I am in Latakia and tomorrow I head for Tripoli. Hope I can cross the border into Lebanon as I have not found the requirements for the border crossing as the book covers the airport. Down to my last 500 SP = $10 and I am hoping it will get me to Lebanon. Not sure I need 200SP for the exit fee. Want to see Cedars and hike the high mountains of Lebanon. Then tour the Bekaa Valley. Hoping the southern neighbor does not drop anything on me. And I have not been keeping up with the news so I not sure if there are problems currently. Been traveling hard and late so will catchup on pictures and stories when I can. Let me just say on narrow mountain roads you can regularly pass cars on blind turns. The strange thing is I have not seen any accidents, if maybe due to the drivers being very aware of what is around them.

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