Thursday, October 18, 2007

Going to Rasafa

Could not find anyone to share the trip to Rasafa on my own. The clerk at my hotel did not know of anyone going to Rasafa, but could provide a driver for a $100. As I was not excepting his kind offer he ask what I would pay maximum, which I gave at $30. He came back later at $45. Trying the Citadel Hotel Leon said he had a guest going to Rasafa and I should come back at 9-9:30 pm. I was back at 9 and a new person at reception had me wait. At 9:40 I was moving to leave, I was told that Leon was talking to a doctor who was doing the trip. Five minute later Leon was there trying to find out how much I would pay for a trip by myself. The other guest seem to no longer existed. I left. Did not see any other hotel owners out and about at this hour. The next morning went to other hotels trying to find any other travelers to Rasafa. One had me sit and wait ten minutes before he told me he could not find a driver. Other hotel wanted to know how much I would pay for a driver.
Plan B Deir ez-Zur and the long way around to Rasafa. I have time and for 80 SP I was going to Deir ez-Zur. The bus to Deir ez-Zur has a curtain over the upper part of the front window, so I cannot see More than 20 feet of the road ahead. We only spend a third of the time in the oncoming lane and the driver smiles widely every time we past another vehicle. I am sure one of the dangling things above the window has "God is Merciful" in Arabic and we have a good horn.

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