Friday, August 11, 2017


Mixed use condo

I ride off and on with a German couple I camp near the night before. I keep crossing paths with them.  From an old monastery I am able to see above the forest. 10k down the road I climb a church bell tower and can see monastery tower in the distance.  Both climbs are on ladders that are solid but without all the safety rails stuff.  I come to a RMK office and nature museum.  Ask about water and told it is flavor full.  Then I head down a rough cobblestone road to free RMK campground.  It is a popular beach with an ice cream trailer with generator. I camp far from the generator as possible.  I ride back to the RMK office for water in my solar shower.  It is hard to steer with 8 liters of moving water in on hand on the way back.  The hair did need a cleaning.
Love and Kisses

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