Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Hypocaust looks like a large fireplace

My ride across the island is line with trees.  I stop to look at a couple of churches.  In Kuressaare I go to the castle.  The bishop who ran the castle shows his benevolence in numerous ways.  One of the towers had a chute that lead down to a lion cage so that prisoners could feed the lions.  The cage in a dining room that allow guest watch the feeding. Another room was found wall up with skeletal remains of the occupant sitting at a table wait for his end. And the word of the day is immured.  The museum part of the castle showed the war history where island men were volunteered to join the red army against the Germans.  When the Germans took the island took the island they volunteered more men into the German army.  After the Russians retook the island there were purges.  Other parts of the museum showed the Estonians did not appreciate the Russian communist guardianship.
The castle was in good shape.  The outer walls were built for the cannon age with layer of walls and moats defending the old inner castle.  First camp site looked like a front yard in a neighborhood.   Next campsite put me on a large empty field with my tent alone.  I am getting use to regular hot showers.  I hope the laundry dries as I wash both bike shorts.
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