Wednesday, August 23, 2017


 I spend the morning in the Riga market.  It is in the outdoors and in 5 zeppelin hangers.  Fresh food is the main attraction. 

Then off to Ogre as I ride a Surly Ogre and I think it will appreciate going.  I spot a bike shop and top off my front tire from 18 to 40 PSI.  No Boom.  I then cross the river Daugava to take the bike route south of the river Daugava. Only a short bit is a main highway.
Planning is brought to mind as I approach Ogre I and see on the map that there is no bridge.  So plan B is to go around.  I get to Ogre and find a nice square and 1920 building along one road.  Leaving Ogre at 7:30 I could go back 20k to a camp site on the other side of the river from Ogre.  Instead I head 35k to a campground continuing my route.
The sun set at 9 pm and that is when the rain started. I finally get to what might be the entrance to the campground at 11:30.  A German Shepherd comes charging at me barking.  After some ear scratching he is just jumping on me and trying to bounce me and my bike.  At dawn he decide that he was going to push over my tent by leaning on it or come through a new door in the screen, so I let him in. Now I have a wet dog curled up next to me and trying to claim the air mattress and sleeping bag.  At least I am not spooning with a Chihuahua.
Love and Kisses

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