Wednesday, August 9, 2017



 Early start as I ride the 20 k to UPS office.  Customs needs my full name and birth date.  So 1day and 55k of riding because they could not let me know before that they need this info.  They only had the package there a week.  The reason for the hold is also added to their website a day late.  The new solar panel is working.  Off to the ferry.  I find one of the ferries easily and must hurry to board after buying my ticket. On to Estonia and good-by Finland.  Exiting the ferry I am greeted by the town wall of Tallinn.  I wonder the streets and castle.  Tourist office tells me of the free camping on RMK land.  I go to the RMK office and pick up some of their maps of where the camping is.  I head out to where there is camping marked on a tourist office map.  I get there after 9 and find no camping just the water fall.  I head to the coast where option 2 is.  It is dusk as I ride and realize I need to plan my camping earlier.  Sun is well set when I get to the RMK camp.  Music is blaring from a camp site and more cars are arriving for their party.  I move down the beach a good ways.  Midnight engine are tested to see if something might break if they are revved to their max.
Love and kisses

Nice to know the grade for the 10 meters

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