Monday, August 14, 2017


I asked about the ferries and the lady pointed at the two boats.

Well shit as I am about to load the bike I find the front tire flat.  The tire has an actual puncture. I patch the tube.  Seeing a tower down the beach I check it out.  The parts missing from it make me decide not to climb it.  It is another ride with forest lined roads.  I give a quick stop at a closed church.  I find I have a 3 hour wait for the ferry between islands.  Finding an outlet I back up my 2000+ photos for the trip.  On the ferry I site at one of the tables. All the tables are covered with map parts showing the island.  My table has the section right off the ferry.  Half a dozen people come by and look at the map and point out the camp site near the ferry.  I ride past the first camp site and go another 6k to a not so notice camping area.  Some people are there but I have my own private area.
Love and Kisses

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