Saturday, August 12, 2017


Seat is a bit rough on this rental


French couples bike and nice trailer

I ride through the forest and past a few farms along the road.  I get to Haapsalu to find a street fair for the white lady.  There is folk dancing and lots of music playing.  I ramble in and around the castle.  The kids can train to be the next defenders of the castle in the nice large playground on the castle grounds.  The white lady shows up at the castle on full moon nights in August.  I head to where the GPS show a camp ground.  A thunder storm nearly catches me as I seek shelter.  After the storm passes I come to the field that the GPS notes as a camping area.  I see no one else there and no info so I head to the other camp ground.  It is where everyone goes.  I talk with some French tourers heading to New Caledonia across Siberia and then down to Australia.  Sound like an interesting trip.
Love and Kisses

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