Tuesday, August 8, 2017


 I ride for Helsinki.  Hope to get there and get both packages waiting for me.  More forest roads and then bike path as I near Helsinki.  I get to UPS before 5 and am told there is a customs hold.  They do not know what customs want and say customs closes at 4.  I am old to come back tomorrow.  UPS website shows no hold on my package.  I ride 20k to where the next package is waiting.  Tent poles are there and I get them.  One down.  I grab a pizza as it is getting late.  As I eat the pizza the bird keep getting closer.  I am thinking Hitchcock.  Then 25k to national park to camp.  It is dark as I setup camp and that is good as I do not know the rules for the area.

Love and kisses
Eating on high and not needing a restroom

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