Sunday, June 10, 2018


Rain stops and I head south into the highlands.  I see a rain cloud coming my way.  It is time to pick up the pace.  This highlands is open country with long views.  Another cyclist comes from the south.  We chat and I find out the way is open to the south.  I ride past a close sign or was it that I did not see it as I went under the chain.   Road could use repairs in places.  Come to a small water crossing and sandal up.  There are places that the road is loose sand or gravel.  I get to the geyser field.  The reserve is staffed and I am the only guest.  This is the first time I pay to camp on this trip.  I give the geyser field a quick tour just encase the weather is not good in the morning.  Then sit in a hot pool heated by geyser water.  I am glad the buses are not running yet.

Love and kisses

Other end of the road I originally planned to use


Time to relax

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