Monday, June 4, 2018


The wind is hardly noticeable and the sun is out. I am now attracts swarms of bugs. They are not biting.  They are just in my face.  The road is rough an I can not out run the bugs.  I spot a tall fence post that I can set up my shower on.  My hair is ridged and standing up on its own.  The bugs help as I rinse two dozen out with the shampoo.  My hair is soft again. Many spots have water across the road and mud in these spot makes the crossing tricky   I finally drop down from the high country.  The road gets a bit better and I can speed up to get away from the bugs.  After 20k I am back on ring road.  I get to a small town and start to resupply as food is running low.  Tomorrow I hope to get to cheaper store.
I spot steps over a fence.  There is a sign on the ground indicating a trail.  I carry bike over the fence and take the bike up the trail.  There are many knobs to hide behind and I find a flat spot to camp.

Love and kisses


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