Monday, June 11, 2018


Back to tour the geyser field and an old outlaw house and small cave.  They spent winter in the small cabin and cooked on a small geyser. No fire wood so the outlaws put a pot on a small geyser and the boiling water heated their dinner.   I look at maps and do a little planning of the back trail route I want to take.  11k of road and the 29k of trail.  After only 3k I come across the first snow field on the road.  Portage gear  across and think I should kept it on the bike.  Second snow field is steep and I am portaging again.  Next snow field has water problems on both sides. It takes a bit of scouting to fine places I can cross.  Some portaging and pushing has me across.  Road is snow covered and a river at times.  Few spots I can ride.  I push on, working over and around snow fields.  Worst is sinking deep into mud.  I finally get to the end of road.  It is all ready 7:00.  I look down the valley and see snow fields and an active river.  My toes have been feeling the normal waterproofness of the boots and are splashing around.  I head down the trail and look at the small mountain hut across the river.  More snow fields and I use the GPS to keep me on the trail.  When I find a nice flat place I camp.

Love and kisses

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