Friday, June 8, 2018


Off to the Sauðárkrókur post office. $11 to get the package for tax and handling. Quickly install the new USB port.  It does not work.  I go through trouble shooting and finally testing the dynamo.  It appears not to generate power.  Two weeks ago testing the dynamo it worked. It is time to move on.  After restocking for a long trip without stores I head south.  After 10 miles I get a flat rear tire.  I find a hole in my tire and realize the tire needs replacing.  Looking at the map the only bike shops are in Akureyri over a 100k away.  The new tube is causing a small bubble in the tire.  The bike make it only a few miles before the tire goes flat again.  This is not going to work so plan B.  I pull the gear and have the bike belly up with my thumb out.  After an hour a SUV pulls up and offers to help.  He makes some calls and says there is a tire in Sauðárkrókur.  I take the wheel and gear leaving the bike behind a tree.  Yes there is some trees there.  Sauðárkrókur hardware store has one tire that will fit my rim that is just a bit thinner.  Tire list at $110 and they give me a discount so I pay $85 for the mountain bike tire thing that I hope to replace it in three weeks.  Can’t find any new tubes that will fit.  I use my last good tube and quickly have a working tire.  With tire and gear on my bike I wave to the couple that helped me.  I am heading south again into the wind.  At 9:30 I come to the mountain road that I plan to take.  The road is closed due to mud.  The road looks dry here.  Nothing but farms and fences on the ride here.  I spot a unfenced area by a river and camp.  Patch both my spare tubes before quickly falling asleep.  I hope they still hold air in the morning.

Love and kisses

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