Saturday, June 9, 2018


With the road closed I need to find a new route and info.  I go back a few miles to a village and a rafting outfitters that provide me with internet.  Nothing is open in the highlands.  I am going to take a chance and go to a main road through the highlands. I head back to the ring road.  A little rain falls and I survive the traffic on the ring road.  I head once again up towards the highlands.  A farmer stops and the road is not open.  I head on to see how far I can go.  The pavement ends at the power plant and the sign is only impassible not closed.   I go a bit further before camping by a large lake.
Love and kisses

All those cirles mean those roads are closed to the highlands in the center of Iceland

Just impassable not closed

Looks passable to me

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