Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I adjust the brakes as the bike needed the emergency brakes to stop.  I prefer to keep my boots on the pedals.  Spot a spoke that is broken.  Take time to fix the spoke and field true the wheel.  Time is 1:00 to start the ride.  Pedaling in the trench of trail the bike keep bumping the front panniers.  I finally remember I can mount the front panniers higher.  Problem with pannier is solved.  Now if I could raise the pedals.
I look at another bridge crossing the river.  There are more snow-bridges at the narrows and more torrents of water beneath.  Going is a bit faster than previous day.  I finally get to the hut and back on a road.  It is easier going riding on the road.  Before I get to the main road there is a major water crossing.  Empty handle bar bag into panniers as they are dry bags and don’t want to lose stuff if the handle bar pops open if the bike goes down. Glad I have sandals to go fast through the cold water.  Water comes over my knees and I keep moving as the freezing water motivates me not to stop.  Before I get to the main road I camp.

Love and kisses


Rain out there

As the sign reads "Would you trust yourself to wade the river?"  It is only above the knees where I went.

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