Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Bridge and trail up the hillside

Snow bridge if you don't trust the metal bridge

Another snow bridge and what could go wrong crossing?

The route takes me through some snow fields. The valley turns east and the view shows that there are few snow fields ahead. I follow the old cairns that mark this ancient trail that follows a river. It is slow going with rocks, mud and little problems to cross.

GPS tells me the trail crosses the river. There is a snow bridge across along with a small foot bridge.  The trail then switch’s up the hill side somewhere under the snow field and cornice.  I opt to not spend the rest of the day shifting bike and gear up to the top of the hill.  Also don’t know if the snow might come down on me as I climb.  I follow the old Viking trail and its cairns.  At ten miles for the day I camp. I am in the tent just before the rain starts.  Life is good.
Love and kisses

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