Thursday, June 28, 2018


The moisture laden clouds distribute some of what they promise.  The wind pushes me what a pleasure to have it at my back.  I make Reykjavik around noon.   Start to update the blog at the library.  As evening comes I start for my camping spot and pick up a little food on the way.  As I leave town the wind I am riding against keeps bring me to a stop.  Rain has also started.  I am finally left pushing for the last mile of the two from town.
Then I am in trees and protected from the rain and driving wind.
Love and kisses

Only 15% grade

Ewe needs spa time

An again

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Cindy said...

I get a feel for what Iceland is, cloudy and cloudy. Yet I know from many other photo's that is truly wonderful. Too bad it's an island! Above all, it is natural and that is SO SOOTHING!! No fences it seems?! Looks great Steve : )

Greetings Cindy