Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Conguesta del Gradiana

Found that we both sleep in and ended up packing in 15 minutes to avoid paying for another day.  Road turned to dirt in places and that lead to Cindy getting a flat tire.  Then over a big bump a screw came out of one of my panniers.  I was lucky and found the special screw.   Now we are seeing storks everywhere and only stop if there is nice background for a picture.  In town trying to find the campground we find that it is down the autobahn where bikes are not allowed.  Working across farm roads without the GPS as it shows no minor roads we find the campground.

Conguesta del Gradiana
69.4 Kilometers, 4:52 Moving Time, Max Speed 57.2 k, Moving Average 14.2 k, 
 Stop Time 4:16, Overall Average Speed 7.6 k,   Start 12:00 end 21:30 Accent 254 meters.
A few cloud and hot

Love & Kisses


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