Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Where is Chevy Chase

That what I forgot to bring camping.  Would make wash cloths in the evening easier.

Route planing

Wake to the having the giant caravan next to us dumping there shit into the storm drain less than a meter from out tents.  It is like a Chevy Chase Vacation movie.  They apologize for not telling us that they were doing this when we were setting up camp, but it is hard to step out of you camper and talk to people.  The British have an interesting attitude to others.  So if you see their Caravan Lic (WAO7FOX) or there car (WKO8FVC) please thank them for use.  We moved camp before the morning meal.  Took a rest day and with a run into town for food.

7.17 Kilometers, 1:12 moving time, Max Speed 25.7 k, Moving Average 6.0, 
 Stop Time 1:04, Overall Average Speed 3.2 k,   Start 15:00 and 17:30  Accent 140 meters 
Rain in the morning then cleared.

Love & Kisses

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