Sunday, July 22, 2012

So where is campground

With one thing after another coming up and we got a very late start, but we were only going 20k.  We passed a campground at 10k, but the tourist office circle the next village as having camping.  We got to the small village and found no camping.  This being in a park we though would try wild camping.  The park was dedicated to Vultures.  We found an old ruined building by an old bridge across the reservoir.  We were thinking of camping on the second floor there when we saw a ranger truck spying on us.  We moved on watching the birds circling over head.  I think I like vulture circling me more than storks.  Trees would not give us cover from the road for wild camping.  Finally outside of the park came to an arroyo that we could go up and camp out of sight.  We slept next to the gauging station.
Torrejori al Rubio
48.3 Kilometers, 2:33 Moving Time, Max Speed 47.6 k, Moving Average 15.0 k, 
 Stop Time 2.50, Overall Average Speed 7.1 k,   Start 15:30 end 21:00 Accent 233 meters.
Sunny and Hot

Love & Kisses

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