Saturday, July 7, 2012

South Bound


Almost home

Alternative transport

It is time to head south.  We go a little longer along the coast, then turn inland.  Still mainly roads but bike paths show up on occasions.  At the grocery store I short cut past the checker entering rather than going through the normal entry.  On the way out security stops me and lectures me.  I tell him to try English and I don’t comprehend, but he continues a couple minute lecture in Spanish.  I listen as he brought along a big guy to ensure I listen.   With no camps in the area we wild camp.  I try something new and ask permission.  Okay I had Cindy ask permission.  We camped off a long driveway and everyone who came down the hill waved or said hi. 

59.3 Kilometers, 4:16 moving time, Max Speed 50.5 k, Moving Average 13.9, 
 Stop Time 5:16, Overall Average Speed 6.2 k,   Start 10:40 and 19:30  Accent 515meters 
Sunny with clouds in the evening

Love & Kisses

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