Thursday, July 19, 2012


We started the ride with a steep climb up hill.  This was the norm for the day as we went over the hills.  The tourist office in Bejar directed us up the mountain with the ski hill on it to get to camping.  In Condelaria I went into the square to wait for Cindy.  I could not see the road.  A while later an old man point that I should go up the road before the square indicating that Cindy went that way.  I hurried up that way.  Find Cindy just before the campground at the top end of town.  Lesson learned wait at the edge of town or we might get separated.

37.0 Kilometers, 3:22 Moving Time, Max Speed 56.0 k, Moving Average 11.0 k, 
 Stop Time 3:35, Overall Average Speed 5.3 k,   Start 12:00 end 19;00 Accent 649 meters.
Sunny and Hot

Love & Kisses

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