Monday, July 16, 2012


Bike touring gone bad

I spent a good part of the day looking for camera shops in Salamanca.  Every where I was sent the shop had 10 cameras or less.  Finally ended up at the Mega Media Mart and an got my new camera (Olympus SZ MR31).  So you are now getting more photo as I play with the camera features
43.2 Kilometers, 4:29 Moving Time, Max Speed 36.7 k, Moving Average 9.7 k, 
 Stop Time 5:16, Overall Average Speed 4.4 k,   Start 9:30 end 17:00 Accent 291 meters.

Love & Kisses

Working on Hamlet

2000 years and still working --  Old camera

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Cinderella Servranckx said...

Hi steve,

I just want to let you know that I find you a very pleasant travel compagnon. And, you make good photo's, of me : )

Thanks for being who and how you are : )I am happy I invited you to cross the Sahara with me. And glad you accepted.

Training program just started! Oh la la...