Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guigede Avila

We stopped to get a few more photos of Salamanca.  Then we rode across the roman bridge to the south.  Took the back roads and had little traffic through the rolling hills.  At camp there was a lake so we went for a swim.  As the sun lowered we saw many eels swimming in the lake.  Neither of us wanted to swim out in the lake to get a better look at them.  We found that the camp had a English school for high school and younger which spent walking back and forth past our camp.  They also just hung out by our camp well past midnight.  We would not be staying for another night.
(no pics)
Guigede Avila
71.1 Kilometers, 5:26 Moving Time, Max Speed 38.6 k, Moving Average 13.1 k, 
 Stop Time 5:19, Overall Average Speed 6.6 k,   Start 10:00: end 19:30 Accent 678 meters.
Sunny and Hot

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