Friday, October 12, 2012


 As we ride out of Terjit we see the rain storm came down harder elsewhere.  River is up and crossing has it coming up to my bags.  Cindy’s front panniers bags set lower and are in the water.  Glad I am not stuck in the river and see that they are using a little hydraulic jack to lift it out of the hole it is in.  The load might have given the poor Toyota truck a little problem.  We took to the new road as parts of old road were washed out.  On the paved road we wash our bikes of mud in pools of water in the road. 
 See a storm building in the early afternoon but cannot out run the storm and are caught in the strong headwind as evening approaches.  In town we find a restaurant, but the seating outside is surrounded by barb wire.  As we are directed to park the bikes inside the wire we find the fence is to keep the children from begging and trying to take things that keep hovering around the restaurant.  We find an auberge to sleep at but find once again it is better to sleep outside than in the hut.

163 Kilometers, 8:43 Moving Time, Max Speed 45.8 k, Moving Average 18.7 k, 
 Stop Time 4:17 Overall Average Speed 12.5 k,   Start 08:30 end 21:30 Accent 137 meters.
Hot sunny with a crosswind turning to tailwind.

Love & Kisses

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