Sunday, October 14, 2012


 We are up with the sun and are low on water.  One place giving us water is out of an antifreeze bottle and the water has big pieces of algae in it.  Never did get desperate enough to drink that water even when I was running short at times through the day.  A Brit running the road repairs gave me a cold orange soda, which was good for 5k as I tried to get every last drop from the can, again and again.  Road was being repaired and the traffic was sent off onto a dirt road.  The road crew let us stay on the pavement as 5k stretches of dirt and sand riding.  As we approaches

 Nouakchott found the GPS actually had the auberge that we wanted marked.  This was a first for Africa.  It was a long hot day and it was nice not to wander the city looking for the right street.
150 Kilometers, 6:45 Moving Time, Max Speed 34.1 k, Moving Average 22.2 k, 
 Stop Time 3:39 Overall Average Speed 14.4 k,   Start 08:30 end 18:30 Accent 119 meters.
Hot sunny with a tailwind mid day turned to crosswind

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Cinderella Servranckx said...

Oh no Steve!
You posted that very NOT GOOG photo of me! You have made so much nice ones, please, reove this ugly long face and get a good photo in stead!

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Cinderella Servranckx said...

Sorry, GOOG must be GOOD