Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cell Tower

 Cindy wants to navigate out of Nouakchott without my GPS.  She has some second doubts on her route as she looks at my poker face.  She finds the way without mine or the GPS help.  After many kilometers of city we get to the country side.  The traffic is heavier and there is no stretch of the road that does not have someone living along it.  Children also start throwing stones. They don’t have good aim and scare off easily.  In the evening we do not see any good spot to camp so we try at a cell phone tower.

 We find it is a popular place as it is the only place around to charge cell phones.  The set us up in an old electronics room now empty.  During making diner we have a large crowd watching us.

Just need to few guy to load a truck

Cell Tower

137 Kilometers, 6.36 Moving Time, Max Speed 39.5 k, Moving Average 20.8 k, 
 Stop Time 3:38 Overall Average Speed 13.4 k,   Start 09:00 end 18:00 Accent 203 meters.
Hot sunny.

Love & Kisses

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