Sunday, October 28, 2012

L’lle de Goree

With me flying out in the evening it was recommended I go to the L’lle de Goree.  I was up for it and got a cab to the dock.  The island is known for its art and has pictures lining the various walk ways.  The World War II fortifications are now homes and galleries.  The Island has nice view.  Then decide to walk back to the house.  I enjoyed cake with the head of the Peace Corp Senegal.  He was running the Mali office but a couple of regime issues there has the office closed for moment.  

 Then checking on my flight out I see a message that my flight is canceled.  I call Delta Airlines and am put on hold, being told there is just a 6 hour wait.  After just one hour on hold I get someone.  The flight from JFK to Denver has been canceled due to hurricane Sandy.  My flight from Dakar to JFK has been rerouted to Atlanta.  This is great as I setup a flight from Atlanta to Denver.  As this simple change took 20 minutes to make I can see why they have a long hold time.  I still get to fly home, but don’t get to see an old friend in the New York area.
  I find out later if the cancel flight was an over reaction to Sandy.  The pair of guy that I was setup with to get me to the airport also gets my stuff through and me through customs and immigration.  They were great.
Art Cannon

9.5 Kilometers walking
Bike in box
Sunny hot.

Love & Kisses

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