Sunday, October 7, 2012


I woke at dawn and headed to the shower again to get truly clean.  Then I headed into town for food as I had not eaten a meal for 24 hours.  I found an omelet that came with fries cooked in.  Then I tried to find the cheap hotels so I could find Cindy.  I only found one and they did not know of Cindy.  I head back to my roof top to pack.  Cindy was to leave a message there for me.  I tried asking the person running the place.  He did not have a message.  I did get a offer for the bike.  I packed and left to work all the hotels in town to find Cindy.  I ran into Cindy at the end of the street.  At her hotel I find the water in hot sitting in a bottle.  Try an old trick of raping the bottle in a wet cloth.  This brought the bottle water to a reasonable temperature.  My search for food left me eating two more omelets.  Tomorrow I need to find something different to eat.

5 Kilometers,.
Sunny with a northwest wind.

Love & Kisses

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