Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 At the hospital after finding the waiting room I need to pay 50 cents.  Then after I am weighed and temperature taken I am sent to wait for the doctor.  After 20 minutes my turn arrives and the doctor speaks English.  After a couple of questions he has the orderly take me to the pharmacy to buy a hypodermic needle for a dollar.  Then I am drop of at the lab.  The lab tech takes my hypodermic needle an discards everything but the needle, which he uses to prick my finger so that I can put a drop of blood on the slide he has. 
 Then wait another 20 minutes to get a slip of paper saying positive.  I am directed back to the doctor to get a prescription to treat Malaria.  Hospital pharmacy does have these pills.  So I go to one in town.  Malaria, maybe I should have been taking the Anti Malaria pills I had. Normally it takes 10??? days to show symptoms from infection.  That would have put it in the middle of Mauritania.  Did not think there was any risk there.  I head back to the hotel to check out.  I do not like this parting as I have been sick and not really had a chance to talk to Cindy and say goodbye.
  So much is left unsaid as we leave the room with check out time arriving.  I am cycling on today.  From what I read some Malaria can be worst every other day.  I am not felling great but I ride on.  After wandering through town I am on the right road and cycling not at a great pace as I feel it if I try to push.  So going at a steady pace I make it to Louga.  Tomorrow is a longer ride I hope I am up for it.  As I take the malaria pills in the evening I hope it is working as I wake up sweating in the night.

78.8 Kilometers, 3:56 Moving Time, Max Speed 33.3 k, Moving Average 20.0 k, 
 Stop Time 1:02 Overall Average Speed 15.8 k,   Start 12:30 end 16:30 Accent 158 meters.
Hot sunny with north wind.

Love & Kisses

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