Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Toubab Dialao

 In the morning I search for a bakery takes a little time then I am back on the road riding south.  I feel light headed as I ride.  Senegal’s roads are good, but every time I try to pickup the pace it does not feel good so I just keep a steady pace.  In Thies I get a good meal (Pizza) and this revives me so I push on to Toubab Dialao.  As evening falls I find the art hotel in Toubab Dialao.  The ceiling fan does not cool me and the bed is soaked with sweat in the morning.
Toubab Dialao

 172 Kilometers, 8:28 Moving Time, Max Speed 37.1 k, Moving Average 20.4 k,
 Stop Time 2:58 Overall Average Speed 15.1 k,   Start 08:00 end 18:30 Accent 224 meters.
Hot sunny with north wind.

Love & Kisses

I scratch my back and fingers go through the shirt.
Sun has rotted the shirt

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