Monday, October 1, 2012


We had breakfast at eight.  We are on the road at 8:30.  We do not spot a tail today.  See that some of the wild flowers are already going to seed.  At the Moroccan border we are sent back once for a stamp at another office.  We ran into some Brits who were at the hotel eating breakfast when left.  They had just finished the paper work to get out of Morocco.  Then there is a 6k track to the Mauritanian border crossing.  Brits were in for a lot more paperwork.  We were through the border in ten minutes.  

The tourist office in a container got a hold of us and we had to fill out more paperwork with them.  We had a long meal there and then head to Nouadhibou.  Short while later Cindy had a rear flat.  Half hour later we are on the road again.  We get our first look at the iron ore train as we head into town.  Goats are in the road and lying in the median resting.  Taxi drivers swerve recklessly hitting Cindy twice.  Bikes are treated as they do not exist.  In this weaving traffic I am riding in, a motorcycle pulls up next to me and asks directions to the campground we were going too. 
Not knowing exactly I gave the German biker what information I had.  A couple more kilometers of town and we all found the campground.  We got a room with a hot shower.

147 Kilometers, 6:20 Moving Time, Max Speed 41.2 k, Moving Average 23.2 k, 
 Stop Time 3:59 Overall Average Speed 14.3 k,   Start 10:10 end 19:00 Accent 300 meters.
Sunny with tailwind

Love & Kisses

Getting close


Yes there are land mines



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