Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Leaving Atar we faced a strong headwind from the south.  The wind is hot and the sun warms us with its nice slow cooking.  Thirty kilometers into the ride there is a small stream across the road and we find a swimming hole fifty meters down stream.  I take a dip and it is refreshing.  After another checkpoint we take the turnoff to Terjit.  The road is dirt and a bit rough.  The new road looks great but is still being built.  We find an Auberge. There is an oasis up the canyon.  I head up there and check out the place.  It is a little cooler under the palms and by a stream running down the canyon. 

 The huts at the Auberge cause us to sweat even after dark so we sleep on a patio outside.
50.2 Kilometers, 4:22 Moving Time, Max Speed 46.1 k, Moving Average 11.5 k, 
 Stop Time 2:52 Overall Average Speed 6.9 k,   Start 08:30 end 15:30 Accent 419 meters.
Hot sunny with a headwind.

Love & Kisses

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