Monday, August 8, 2016

Another adventure

Hi All,
Yes it is time for another adventure. The stars and planets have aligned.

Horoscope: It is easy to venture forth this next month, with Venus in Virgo. Chart your itinerary. Travel, studies, research and exploration offer abundant reward.

So not off to sunny beaches, but time to head north with the bike. To the land of Saga and Elves I bring my Ogre (bike). There is the looming volcano above the land that adds a Tolkienish touch to the trip to the land of fire and ice. Speaking of fire,ice and saga then there is the game of thrones to consider in these travels. Holding back fierce Puffins and avoiding being carried off by elves. So follow along on the blog Will be writing from lovely hot pools, or maybe not as I enjoy the moment.

Love and Kisses

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