Friday, August 19, 2016

Aug 19 2016

Aug 19 2016
I have notice what I currently writing is boring as I note my travel route. I let the pictures describe and show the view. Also I fall asleep writing the first paragraph. Yes my writing is that boring. I will try to add a bit more color.
Short version of today's travel . ... fjord ... fjord ... fjord ... fjord

I bounce down the hill with a light wind at my back. Around Djupifjordur and up the hill. Then down and around Gufufjordur. Around a point around the third fjord Kollafjordur. Pasted Kvigindisfjordur. Then another hill and around another four fjords Skalmarfjordur, Vattarfjordur, Mjoifjordur, and Kerlingarfjordur. Found a nice private beach to camp at. The fjords are shallow with geese and ducks.

Love and kisses

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