Thursday, August 11, 2016


Aug 11 2016
So the rain and wind through the night continued.  The wind came from  SE and the rain pound again that side.  No use to try to cook.  Packed everything in the tent then pulled the pole while in the tent.  The gear and me were keeping the tent bouncing away.  A bit more cloths today along with full rain gear.  Back on the pavement the wind slowed me a good bit and the rain was sting my face.  Passing another cyclist we both comment on the nice day.  He had the wind at his back.  After four miles I turned to the north and the road was being rebuilt.  The big gravel was treacherous but I had the wind at my back.  Only six miles of construction then plain dirt road.  At mile 15 for the day  I was at the next fjord-fur.  I could see where I wanted to be across the water.  Around I head and back into the wind.  Gust bring me to a stop even on the down hill a number of times.  When I finally get to the top of fjord-fur the wind is calm.  I get no tail wind.  At mile 40 I head north again over the hills.  I am dragging a bit as the dirt road does not give the traction as asphalt does.  Around mile 50 I am at the lake in the next drainage.  Seeing lots of summer homes and farms I head up the next hill.  Coming down toward the next valley I see more farms ahead stop for dinner and ponder the situation.  After dinner I look at some brush across the road it has a nice private location.  Sloping and bumpy but no one will bother me.  Now it is time to dry my gear out.  Tent floor lets me glide to the bottom end of my tent.  Time to stack my gear better.
Love and kisses

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