Sunday, August 14, 2016

Aug 14, 2016

Raining as I wake.  Rain while I road. Rain as I camped.  Now for the more interesting parts of the ride.  Started at 11.  Came to a crack in the cliffs.  This provided a bit of canyoneering.  Then enter troll country.  Enter the park and saw a few birds.  No camping available so I had to push on.  The wind was in my favor and pushed me at 30 mph without pedaling.  Had to keep the speed under 25 as side gust pushed me around.  All good things end as the road turn and the wind became cross wind.  Keeping to the road was challenging.  Finally the road turned into the wind.  We will see what tomorrow will bring as the rain and wind rock me to sleep in my tent.

Love & kisses

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