Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Reykjavik and on

Aug 10
Woke up at 9 and had oats and cranberries.  Rain had stopped so dried the rain fly as I sorted and packed better for riding.  Taking a couple of picture of camp I find my memory card full.  Will need to find out why when the computer is plug in.  On the road by 10 heading for Reykjavik.  15 miles and I am in the heart of Reykjavik at the tourist office seeking maps.  They have cycling maps. Everyone is wearing heavy jackets and me in shorts and sandals.  The ones in down jackets warming their hands make me cold.   I check out the tourist zone and see a


The gear that could be hauled

cousin (pic).  Now I seeking some food for my trip.  Find some food and head out of town.  Bike path does not take me past any stores so I don't fill my second 2l bottle of water.  Head wind and uphill were wearing on me.  At 6 start looking for a campsite.  Trees are only around farms and roads that lead to farms.  I ride on.  A dirt road leading to ski I take and  camp over a ridge from the main road.

Cheese sandwich and tomato basil soup for dinner.  Neoprene socks warm my feet as the last mile some of my toe went numb.  

The wind blows and the rain falls as I go to sleep.  It is cold and wet out there.
Love and Kisses

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