Monday, August 22, 2016

Aug 22 2016

Aug 22

Fog has cleared and the air mattress is not soft. The fix worked. Far enough from the main road is the camp but not out of sight. What can one do in the fog. I head down the mountain. I cross the fjord and up to the tunnel. The tunnel is only six kilometers long and needing to to take the right tunnel half way through. Get my lights on and warmer cloths ready to grab. I am ready to deal with the troll and other thing (buses) in the dark. As I start down the tunnel I realize it only has one lane with pullouts. I remember seeing a sign that indicated my direction had priority. This was great, other than vehicles (large truck) barreling up from behind. This just had me cling to to the wall as they pasted. I made it through and was looking down on Isafjordur. Food, Internet, and food. Resupplied I figure I should start on getting some of the next 220k plus done. After going over twenty miles I found a great camp on the end of land between the fjords. The moon has just risen and some stars are out. Took a little risk and waited to boil the eggs till camp
Love and kisses

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