Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aug 16 2016

Aug 16 2016
I wake to find the tent leaning over in the wind.  I push back and so does the wind.  The wind is drying my cloths.  As I pack the rain returns.  I cook breakfast with my packed bag giving the stove a wind block.  Rain and a head wind what more does one need.   Cloths are down from swimming to damp.  I stop at the tourist office to find out about the ferry.  This could cut out 250k plus.  I ride to the ferry and think on it.  Early afternoon the rain clears.  The last 6 miles the wind pushes me to Stykkisholmur and there is a rainbow over town.  I have a half hour to catch the ferry.  I head to the store and pack the load on my bike.  I then go back down the road against the wind.  I'll miss some views if I take the ferry.  Wind pushes me off the road.  I find a nice spot for camp that appears to be protected from the wind.  
Egg and cheese sandwich and tomato soup.  Great views.
Love and kisses

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